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Welcome to the website of Doctor Houda Azaiez

Overijse Medicare - Brusselsesteenweg 245 , 3090 Overijse


Consultations by appointment only:

You can make an appointment :

  • Via this site : make an appointment online
  • By phone at number :   02 / 687 71 11
  • Please inform us as quickly as possible (and at least one hour in advance) if you are unable to come for your appointment
  • In case you do not attend your appointment without informing  us, you will be charged a compensation
  • medical representatives can make an appointment via the same link  

Medical attest

For any kind of medical attest, please make an appointment.  It requires an appointment to check you and your records, since your attest must conform to the medical reality. Ask us only for what is is reasonable, factual and true.We do not provide prescriptions requested by telephone.

During our consultations, you will receive prescriptions sufficient to last you until the next consultation or examination. 

Exceptionally, an emergency prescription may be filled by the pharmacist, but this may never become the rule.  

Home Visits :

  • should be requested by phone before 11.00 AM at the phone number : 02 / 687 71 11
  • home visits asked after 11.00 AM will be done later in the afternoon
  • home visits should be requested in cases where the patient is physically unable to come to the doctor’s cabinet
  • In case of emergency, the home visits will be done as quickly as possible


Accessibility :

  • Adresse : Brusselsesteenweg 245 , 3090 Overijse (Plas)


  • Plan :


Doctor on duty :

  • Evenings and  weekends : 02 / 687 26 00
  • During the holidays : an automatic answer phone will tell you the number of the replacement doctor  


In this cabinet, we perform :

•             general preventative examinations

•             blood tests

•             control of blood pressure

•             examination of the breasts

•             cardiological examinations

•             electrocardiograms

•             gynaecological examinations

•             cancer prevention

•             stitching up wounds

•             skin problems

•             infiltration of fluids

•             injections 

•             vaccinations

•             taking smears

•             cleaning ears

•             cryotherapy – treatment of warts and  woles

•             small interventions

•             bandages

•             taping

•             mesotherapy

•             advice for travellers - vaccinations

•             family problems

Dr. Houda Azaiez

Brusselsesteenweg 245
3090 Overijse

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