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Information for the patient




Make an online appointment using the button make an appointment


Patients are request to come on time to the appointment


It is still possible to cancel or change an appointment online if you did save the login and the password you received by the booking. You can also cancel by phone.


Please make an appointment per person. For a second person please make a second appointment.


Useful information

•             general preventative examinations

•             blood tests

•             control of blood pressure

•             examination of the breasts

•             cardiological examinations

•             electrocardiograms

•             gynaecological examinations

•             cancer prevention

•             stitching up wounds

•             skin problems

•             infiltration of fluids

•             injections 

•             vaccinations

•             taking smears

•             cleaning ears

•             cryotherapy – treatment of warts and  woles

•             small interventions

•             bandages

•             taping

•             mesotherapy

•             advice for travellers - vaccinations

•             family problems


House calls

Please call us before 11 am if you want a house call.


Results for lab test

Please call us between 7 pm and 8 pm for test results so that other patients are not disturbed during consultations.

Should you want thorough advice, then it is preferable that you ask for a consultation.

Dr. Houda Azaiez

Brusselsesteenweg 245
3090 Overijse

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Dr. Christophe Lechien

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